66175511_768386860222626_960160129662058496_nHello and welcome to Bottom Drawer Decor, a place where my latest interior finds, ideas and creations come to life! My name is Beth, I’m 24 and I’m most renowned for either my love of flamingos or my bright red locks.

Whilst growing up, I’ve found myself involved in endless home improvement projects thanks to my interior mad mum and I’d say that’s where my passion for Interior Design sparked from. As if redecorating our own home didn’t take up enough of our spare time, we found ourselves taking on family renovation projects on various houses bought at auction (a bit Homes Under The Hammer style if you like)! Thanks to this, I began to see the impact a thoroughly thought out design could have and now I love exploring new ideas!

This blog was originally set up as somewhere I could share my latest findings for my future house with my other half, Lee – the items we purchase every so often and put in our ‘bottom drawer’ ready for the day we move. But it soon became much more than that when I realised I wanted to step foot into the world of Interior Design!

So, if you want to hear about my latest projects, my favourite findings and maybe even some of my creative ideas, this is the place to be!

I hope you enjoy exploring the blog and I look forward to sharing some inspiration with you!

Beth x