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It’s here… the moment is really here! After months of adding the finishing touches to my new boudoir, I’m finally ready to share the transformation pictures with you!

I’ll admit, I’m a perfectionist at heart, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Months after completing the big ticket items in the room, you know, the painting, the flooring, purchasing new furniture (and re-arranging it again and again until every inch of the room had been tried) and adding the many accessories I had been building up months before starting the work, there was always that one other thing that needed adding (although I wasn’t quite sure what exactly ‘it’ was). I don’t necessarily purchase for purpose, I purchase when I know deep down that I can’t possibly walk away without something. It needs to be meaningful and it needs to be unique. So if that meant waiting six months before having a ‘finished’ room, I was completely ok with that.

But, let me just plant this seed… is a room ever really ‘finished’? Before I could allow myself to take the photos of my room, I had one frame left to fill on my (much loved) gallery wall. When I eventually found a print that summed me up to a T, I told myself ‘This is it. It’s finally done’. I bought it and almost threw myself a celebratory ceremony whilst reaching up to hang the frame on the wall (all in slow motion in my head of course). Yet, now, three months later, I still find myself walking out of stores with new accessories and nowhere to put them (until I finally find a suitable spot). Does anyone else do that? To me, it will always be a little project, but there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s what keeps the love for the room going, then carry on! Trends are always changing and you’ll always come across new, quirky items, so purchase to your heart’s (and your bank’s) content!

So here’s every little detail you need to know about my latest project and one that if I say so myself, I’m very proud of…

IMG_2754 (e).jpg

I’m into contemporary design styles, so alot of my inspiration came from a blend of Scandinavian and Urban Modern. I suppose I like the minimalist tones of these styles, which I could compliment with playful patterns and of course some houseplants.

IMG_2782 (e)

(Geometric hanging pot from Liv’s Solihull. Cactus planter from TK Maxx)

IMG_2813 (e)

(Vase from Home Sense)

You might also note my love for flamingos, which started as a joke between myself and my other half, Lee, but has become something so much more. Most people now know me as ‘flamingo-mad’ so it just had to be incorporated into the design in a somehow sophisticated way.

I admired many gallery walls on my Instagram (particularly those of Lisa Dawson) and so had to have one myself. Although it’s relatively small, it was in keeping with the minimalist theme throughout the rest of the room and when partnered with this gorgeous blush chair, it added a simple, yet effective feature to the corner of the room.

IMG_2842 (e)IMG_2766 (e)

(Bedding Julian Charles – Cassandra Blush Jacquard)

IMG_2726 (e)


I love quirky prints, so having plenty of these around the room was a must. The nice thing about the ones I have is that they were all purchased in different destinations I had visited over the year (Copenhagen, Shropshire, London…)

This has to be my favourite and was brought in a new little interior shop in the heart of Shrewsbury, where myself and Lee were on a weekend break. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it and I also found this wooden frame in the same shop.

Storage was always going to be an issue for me – I just own too much stuff! This shelving unit was perfect as it gave me the chance to create a display, aswell as neatly storing clothes! I could also match it to my colour scheme with the fabric boxes.

IMG_2671 (e)

(Shelves from Ikea)

(Lamp from Dunelm. Bedside table and doorstop from Next)

With the interior style I chose, I had to incorporate geometrics in somewhere, so I found this amazing side table (also used for storage) and I topped it with my favourite interior books and a candle of course!

IMG_2851 (e)

(Side table from Tesco)

And there it is. My gorgeous bedroom, all done within a relatively small budget, but made stylish through accessories and a mix of textiles.

Before creating the look, I made a moodboard to capture the initial ideas for the design. Decide for yourselves if it’s reflected in the design itself…

Moodboard blog

B x

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