LOVE is in the air

Valentines Day is here again and what a beautiful time of year it is, surrounded by love, romance and chocolate (and plenty of it!). I’m a Valentines Baby, born 14th February some time in the 90’s and it might be because of this that I have a slight obsession with hearts. Everything I own somehow consists of them, which makes this time of year the absolute perfect time to buy decor for my home!

Whether you’re in love or are yet to find love, you can’t resist a sneaky look in the Valentines aisle during your weekly shop and if you’re anything like me, you’re guaranteed to come away with at least one new addition to your home accessories.

Here’s some of my favourite finds to help you spread the love this Valentine’s:


Well, you can’t go wrong with candles right?… This adorable set is perfect if you’re thinking of planning a romantic night in and definitely aren’t exclusively for Valentine’s! Just think how lovely these would look on your window sill or that empty little space on your shelf that you’ve been longing to fill?!

This quirky little doormat is the perfect addition to any front door! What better way to show your home is truly full of love by having it right on your doorstep?! I love the two colours incorporated into this and think it makes it extra unique.

You just have to get your hands on these gorgeous mugs! Sainsbury’s haven’t just provided us with one-off specials, but they’ve made sets of 4 too that can be used in your home all year round! They look like they hold a decent sized cuppa which is good news to most!


These heart slate coasters are the perfect companion to the mug set and who can resist slate placemats?!


To complete the look in your kitchen, these adorable heart towels are perfect! The frill makes these extra sweet and would look fabulous in a country style kitchen.



If you’re looking for contemporary shelving, this heart is everything you need and more! This is one of my absolute favourite items! It can sit perfectly in any room of the house, giving you all the more reason to buy it!


This standalone silver heart is modern, minimalistic and sophisticated. It looks great amidst other accessories or as a dominant accessory in any room! If you ask me, this is what every fireplace needs…

John Lewis:


I couldnt resist posting these! They are absolutely what every romantic meal needs! I’m in love! Dig into dessert with your other half with these amazing heart spoons and really go all out for Valentines!

So there it is, your heart overload! Add these perfect accessories to your Valentines Day and celebrate in style. I hope Cupid is kind to you all..

Until next time, Bee xo

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