pretty in pastel

Well, there was one particular colour palette that dominated our homes through 2017 and that was the use of contemporary pastels. It has been a favourite of mine and will continue to be for much of this year too. What I like so much about these soft, cool colours is that they can be introduced to any room to bring a relaxing and calming feel, whilst giving a sophisticated edge to a brighter room.

Some of us are under the impression that pastels can only be used to accentuate an already pale room, filled with white furniture and lighter walls, forgetting they can also be used to compliment elaborate patterns or as accents to bolder colours. Every room has it’s own personality and introducing pastels can add the finishing touches your home might just require.

Here’s a few ideas of how to incorporate pastel accesories into your rooms and on a low budget too!).

A pastel feature wall can draw your attention straight away in a bedroom, but by adding a throw and cushions to an otherwise simplistic room can add the finishing touches. Stick to white for your other walls and bedding and all the focus will be on the perfect colours! The mounted picture in a white frame incorporates the colours from the accessories and the feature wall to add a little more detail to the room.

If you’re trying to stay within your budget, supermarkets offer a fantastic range of home accessories and that doesnt mean you have to skimp on quality! All of these little pretties are from Tesco and cost under £15 for all! You can’t go wrong with a geometric-pastel tealight holder!! These are all the latest addition to my bottom drawer!

Until next time, Bee x

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