Who? Me?…

Well, you’re here reading my blog so it would be rude to not introduce myself right?

My name’s Beth, I’m 24 , a redhead and a country girl living in a small, rural village in Warwickshire, England.

Monday to Friday I work in a Marketing and Communications department at a Healthcare company and inbetween, I immerse myself in the wonderful world of Interior Design.

I’ve always had a creative flair and it took me a while to decide how I wanted to put it to good use. I went to University in Canterbury in 2013, where I studied for a degree in Media and Communications. When I started, I was sure I wanted to be a Website Designer and when I graduated I was presenting a weekly show on the student radio hoping for a career in the showbiz world. In the middle of all that I had changed my mind that many times, I decided I was never going to be happy with what I chose as there were still too many career paths to try!

But one thing I had always loved was home interior. Being at university meant that I was independent, away from home, away from parents and able to put my own twist on the house I was renting there. I lived with three fabulous girls (who were all as addicted to candles as I was) and we rented an 18th century terraced house in the heart of the city. It had it’s faults, but it also had a tonne of character with wooden beams on nearly all of the ceilings, fireplaces in each room, ceilings smaller than some of our friends and walls that would send a spirit level mad! I adored being able to buy sweet little additions for the house to make it really feel like home away from home, but because it was rented, there was only so much I could do.

But then I moved home… I dreamt of having my own house but had nobody to imagine owning one with… until I met my wonderful boyfriend (on the other side of the world in Mexico might I add). We have been together over a year now and we dream of owning our own home together and I am constantly inspired by home interior ideas (I’m storing them all in my head). We’re currently saving and hope to be in our own home very soon.

So why Bottom Drawer Decor I hear you ask?… Whilst saving for our own home, myself and my other half have been purchasing little goodies for the day we finally find that dream house. It started as our bottom drawer. We would buy a candle, a picture, a key holder and this would go into what we called our ‘bottom drawer’. It has built up quite substantially now and my goal is to share all my little findings with you as they go into my bottom drawer! As well as this, I’ll be keeping you up to date with all the current trends in the Interior Design world and my must have (affordable) items for your home!

It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to sharing each of my findings with you!

Until next time, Beth x

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