Christmas, all wrapped up!

Well, sadly that’s it for another year. Christmas always feels like it takes so long in coming but also leaves us so fast. We put so much time, money and effort building up towards the day itself and it is over with the blink of an eye. Reality will soon hit us hard and so will the new year resolutions, but first, I’d like to reflect on how perfect my Christmas has been before it really is back to normality (and back to the diet).

I spent Christmas at home with my small, but mad family this year. We’re only a family of 4 (8 if you include the cats and dogs), but they really are the best company and I wouldn’t want it any other way (other than have my best friend – my other half by my side too).

I went to town on gift wrapping this year.

Myself and my mum have always took time wrapping presents. It’s usually a joint effort whilst we sing along to our favourite Christmas songs debating who’s turn it is to find the end of the selotape (which we lose with every single present guaranteed).

We always make sure we have copious amounts of ribbon and quirky present toppers, but this year we thought we’d try something new by adding a little foliage to the top of each present. I’ve read a few blogs where people have done this and tempted myself to try it (plus I have the added advantage of having a real fir tree at the bottom of my garden). Nothing like a little D.I.Y wrapping.


And can I just say, they looked pretty damn cute!

I still get that magical feeling every Christmas morning.

Each year we follow the same routine; open stockings upstairs after finding them on our bedroom door handle and then all head downstairs together to see what goodies Santa has brought this time. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a Bucksfizz and an obligitory family tree photo.


Nothing beats this sight or prepares you for the madness about to unravel…

It wouldn’t be Christmas if the dogs weren’t getting their teeth into every present.

This is by far one of my favourite things about the day. Our chocolate lab can sniff a treat from a mile off and our black lab thinks every present is his and will not let you open one without his help.

Feast fit for a King (or Queen).


(Look at all those sprouts!!)

It wouldn’t be a Christmas dinner without a festive tablecloth would it? This was a new one we bought this year, complimented by matching napkin cuffs and holly table scatter.


Home Baking is what makes Christmas.

This has become tradition now and every year without fail, me and my mum make a Yule Log (complete with robins and holly).


Christmas has been perfect and I am gutted it is nearly over for another year. But for now, I’m celebrating my second Christmas with the other half (and getting spoilt rotten).

Enjoy the last parts of the festive season and welcome the New Year in with a bang! I’ll get onto more housey stuff in the new year and I’m excited to tell you the sorts of things I’ll be putting in my bottom drawer for the year ahead!

Bee x

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