It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…

Winter is officially upon us and it is my favourite season of all! Bright blue skies and the blinding sunshine, combined with that fresh, bitter cold air and the crunch of frosty ground beneath your feet – who can resist wrapping up in their favourite woolly hat and scarf for a walk in the new brisk air? It isn’t until the first frost that you realise the seasons have officially changed and this month we even had snow, giving this winter a sudden (not so warm) welcome! I love the uncertainty of winter’s arrival, but there is definitely no denying it once 1st December hits.

It’s the month of festivities and one I’m sure most people would agree is the most magical time of the year. For as long as I can remember, we have been surrounded by twinkling lights, family traditions, home baked goods, the smell of cinnamon (and the occasional smoky log fire) and not to forget that warm fuzzy feeling when it’s finally acceptable to listen to those familiar songs that only resurface once a year. Christmas really is an enchanting time and every year I look forward to welcoming that festive feeling into our family home and putting up all the decorations that bring back so many happy memories!

Every family Christmas is unique, but I’m excited to give you all a little glimpse into Christmas in my home whilst sharing some of my family traditions…


(It’s winter, that means a guaranteed roaring fire).

santa faces.jpg

Although white lights are classic, we use Christmas as an excuse to introduce colour into our home. We focus on traditional reds and greens for decorations and combine these with the most colourful lights we can find!


Christmas scented candles are always on the go in super cute tealight holders that have been accumulated over the years. The latest addition is the wonderful card cut out tealight holder of an old favourite holiday destination (Whitby). Found this by chance at Lincoln Christmas market at the start of the month.


The main tree is our most special tradition. Each bauble and decoration have been individually selected each year and we have slowly built up a personal collection (no two are the same). Myself and my brother have chosen a decoration every year for as long as I can remember, so the tree is full of many happy memories and ones that we reminisce over each time the tree goes up (along with silly dancing and singing along to our favourite christmas songs).


Here’s a preview of a couple of favourites.


Fairy lights are a Christmas essential and these are absolutely fitting with the country theme to the house. They’re quirky too and a little bit of character to the centrepiece garland on the fireplace.


Christmas time is wonderful and I really do think it brings so much character to a house whilst revealing so much about a family. I’d love to hear any traditions some of you guys have or some of the essential Christmas decorations you put out in your home each year.

living room

All photography is by my super talented other half – check out his blog here. 

Now, go indulge in copious amounts of mulled wine and mince pies. Until my next post…

Bee x


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